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Conditions for participation:


§ 1 Organizer, Giveaway, Participation


1. Organizer of the giveaway is The Berlitz Schools of Languages AG | Theaterstraße 12 | 8001

Zurich | +41 44 254 20 70


2. Object of giveaway is:

- 1x Berlitz Connect Language course, 3 months (common worth CHF 428,-)

3. Participation in the giveaway is solely based on the condition of the acceptance of these

conditions for participation.


§ 2 Participation stipulations


1. Participants in the giveaway must be natural persons, who meet the requirements in the

time frame from December 11, 2020 to December 20, 2020.


2. Eligible for participation are all natural persons with residence in Switzerland, who are 18 years old at

the time of participation. Participation is only possible with a Facebook profile. Participants are limited

to the person listed on the Facebook profile. Employees of The Berlitz Schools of Languages AG and

their dependents, as well as all others who are or have been involved in the preparation or execution of

this giveaway may not participate. Lotto pools may not participate. Participation through third parties

(e.g. gambling services) is excluded.


3. Winners authorize their names to be published.


4. Winners authorize that they may be contacted by the company via private message and or

through tagging for the purpose of informing them that they have won.


5. All participants are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.



§ 3 Exclusion

In the event of a breach of these conditions for participation, the organizer reserves the right to exclude

individuals from participating, especially in the event of a breach of the conditions for participation in

accordance to points 2.1 and 2.2.


Participants, suspected of (technical) manipulation of the giveaway are excluded. Participants, who

breach conditions for participation, may be excluded from the giveaway immediately. If participants are

requested to publish own content, these may not be illicit and may not contain defamatory content,

false facts, sweepstakes, breaches of trademark and copyrights.


Should there be sufficient evidence for an exclusion, winnings may be retroactively nullified or the

return of previously made payments and/or delivered goods may be demanded or corresponding

corrections to the ranking may be made.


The organizer, or the agency commissioned with the execution of the giveaway, is authorized to stop

cancel or suspend the giveaway, if


- during the execution, the Facebook promotion terms have been modified in such a way that

execution of the giveaway in accordance with the new Facebook guidelines is no longer

possible or the giveaway has been stopped by Facebook for any such reasons.


- an attempt at manipulation has been determined.


- proper execution of the giveaway is no longer possible, especially in the event of failure of

hardware or software, programming errors, computer viruses or unauthorized interference

by third parties, or mechanical, technical or legal problems.

The executor of the giveaway reserves the right to interrupt or end the giveaway at any point without

any prior notice and without providing any justification. This shall only be exercised, if a proper

execution of the giveaway cannot be guaranteed due to technical or legal reasons. In the event of such

premature termination, participants shall not be entitled to make any claims. Should the premature

termination of the giveaway be caused by the conduct of a participant, the organizer may demand

compensation for the damages caused.



§ 4 Period of the giveaway


1. The giveaway begins on December 8, 2020. Registration ends on December 20,2020 at 11:59PM.



§ 5 Execution of the giveaway


1. Everyone who fulfills the requirements shall have a chance at winning. Participants will be required

to write “Spanish”, “French”, “German” or “English” under the post.


2. Upon the giveaway’s conclusion, the winner shall be determined by chance. The drawing will be

held on  December 21, 2020.



§ 6 Notifying winners


1. The names of the winners shall be published on the Facebook page of The Berlitz Schools of

Languages AG; winners may also be tagged. After notification, winners shall also be required to

respond to Berlitz Switzerland via private message.


2. Should a winner not reply to Berlitz Switzerland or provide a name and address within 21 days

after the conclusion of the giveaway, then the claim to the prize shall be annulled and a new winner

shall be determined.



§ 7 Delivery of prizes


1. Delivery of the prize shall be conducted via e-mail.



§ 8 Disclaimer


1. In as far as the law provides, the organizer shall assume no liability, especially not for the timely

participation in the giveaway.


2. The organizer shall only be liable for the proper execution of the giveaway.


3. The organizer shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by participation in the

giveaway or a lack of reachability, unless the damages are the result of grossly negligent or willful

conduct for which the organizer is responsible.


4. For content published by participants, the organizer shall assume no liability, especially for

defamatory content, the propagation of false facts or breaches against competition law,

brands or copyrights or any other breach against applicable law.


5. Participants shall agree to permit the publication of their posts made in conjunction with this

giveaway, the drawing, the execution, or the presentation of participant’s posts by the organizer or by

third parties acting on behalf of the organizer in online or offline media (e.g. on the Facebook page,

website or in print media.).



§ 9 Miscellaneous


1. The giveaway is subject to German law.


2. Should individual stipulations of these conditions for participation be or become ineffective, the

legal validity of the remaining stipulations of these conditions for participation shall remain



3. Participants do not have the right to pursue legal action.



§ 10 Data protection


1. The name and address of the participants shall be registered and used for the execution of the



2. The registered data shall be deleted no later than 7 days after the conclusion of the giveaway.


3. All participants agree to being named publicly by Berlitz Switzerland on their Facebook page.


4. Participants shall retain the rights to their image and content, and merely grant The Berlitz Schools

of Languages AG usage rights for said image and content. The Berlitz Schools of Languages AG is

permitted to publish these to its homepage (Berlitz Switzerland).



§ 11 Right to information


In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, you have a right to be provided with information free

of charge relating to your stored data and a right to have this data corrected, blocked or erased.



§ 12 Organizer of the giveaway


This giveaway is in no way connected to Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or

organized by Facebook. The recipient of information provided by participants in this giveaway is not

Facebook, but rather The Berlitz Schools of Languages AG. The information provided by participants

shall only be used to inform participants of any prizes won. Upon completion of this giveaway, the

data shall be deleted in accordance with the data protection regulations. The organizer is:


The Berlitz Schools of Languages AG

Theaterstrasse 12

8001 Zurich

Tel: +41 44 254 20 70

Fax: +41 44 254 20 71


Managing director: Heino Sieberath


Commercial register ZH: CH-020.3.903.273-3


Please direct all questions, comments or complaints regarding the giveaway to The Berlitz School of

Languages AG or its Facebook page (Berlitz Switzerland).

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